Friday, 16 October 2009

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Detailing in Glasgow:

Our first project was to walk around Glasgow and find good examples of detailing in interiors. My personal experi
ence was that it was extremely difficult to find perfectly finished details in interiors. I found good examples in very exclusive shops because they obviously had a much larger budget for their interior. I found 2 good examples of detailing and both shops were located in Princess Square. The glass paneling in Karen Millen is a perfect example of aesthetic detailing and the Links of London handrail is a more structural detail.

Karen Millen, Princess Square

The walls in Karen Millen are covered with glass paneling which is done so perfectly that you don’t see a single flaw. The cut angles of the glass reflect the lights in the shop, which gives your interior a very bright and clean look. The main wall I presume would be stone which would not have a perfectly flat surface. In order to get a flat surface you would need to place a wooden frame on the main wall. Then you can place plasterboards on your wooden frame, which will give you a flat surface. Then you place your glass paneling on your plasterboard by using glue.

Links of London, Princess Square

The logo of Links of London is the door handle of their shop, which is made out of metal. There are two door handles, which are placed on either side of the glass door. In order to have a strong connection to avoid the metal handrails to wobble the metal cylinder must go through the glass. I presume there is a hole in the glass door so that the cylinder can continue. To avoid the handrail to wobble there is a rubber ring placed between the glass and the metal ring, which is placed for strength and aesthetic reasons.